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Accredited UK Forest School Training 
Student Homepage 
(for students who attended the 5-day intensive course) 
Postage Charge - unfortunately due to the economic climate we are now having to charge students to return the final coursework portfolio to them. We will continue to send certificates free of charge. Charges will come into effect in December 2012. 
Therefore please just send the answers to the questions for your portfolio to keep the weight of your final coursework portfolio down to a minimum. 
(Additional photos only need to be sent if they answer the question, otherwise they are not needed. Handouts and interesting articles are not needed in your final portfolio and are not marked. Polypockets just add weight and make the marking very difficult and we therefore don't recommend using them in your final portfolio). 
Postage charge: 
The minimum postage we can find for parcels from 750g is from £3.99 
For portfolios weighing over 2000g, postage is from £4.99 - £6.99 
An average level 3 portfolio weighs around 1000g. If you add in polypockets (which we don't recommend you do) then the weight often is over 200g. 
An average level 2 portfolio weighs around 750g. 
You will be advised, once your portfolio has been marked and is ready for moderation, of your postage charge. 
Portfolio Support for level 3 - on the Portfolio Support pages you will find some additional handouts, as well as forms (eg risk assessment forms) which you can use to support your level 3 coursework.  
Directly taking sections of text copied from websites, books and other published sources is plagiarising and is not acceptable. 
Students who submit coursework for marking which contains plagiarised answers, will have to re-work their answers in their own words and resubmit them for marking. 
Mud Article - written by Simon Shakespeare May 2011. 
Ideas for playing with mud at Forest School.  
New Woodland Management book 
by the Forestry Commission. 
"Managing Native Broadleaved Woodland'. 
A detailed look at broadleaved history, understanding the site and  
with good identification section for flora and fauna. Each chapter incorporates a useful checklist  
for site managers. Excellent photography. 
Available from TSO here > 
Looking at the risk of posionous plants 
Poisonous Plants, a guide for parents and childcare providers' by Elizabeth Dauncey.  
Research article on Forest School and Foucault, by Tricia Maynard. 
This includes a brief history of FS and a discussion on differences between the approaches of the classroom teacher and the FS leader. 
Further Research on Forest School 
Forest School Scotland: An Evaluation, by Lynnette Borradaile 
Article on Play, by Play England 2008 
The article entitled 'Play for a Change' gives a good overview on what play is and how it links to emotional and brain development. 
Grid Reference/Postcode Finder - type in your nearest postcode, browse and zoom to your bit of woods and right click - out pops a 10-figure grid reference! 
Insurance for Forest School -  
The Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) offers insurance for Level 3 FS Practitioners once you have qualified. You have to join the IOL first and then you have access to the insurance deal. IOL website >  
Birnbeck Finance also offer a good package for Forest School Practitioners, both whilst in training and once qualified. FS Practitioner package is £168 a year. Tel: 01934 522 252 and speak to Eddie. 
Resources for Forest School  
Here you will find some information about the tools and equipment we like to use at Forest School.  
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