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Accredited UK Forest School Training 
Assessments for modular students 
Students on the level 3 Forest School Leader training course will have to complete 2 assessments. 
1) Practical Skills Assessment (Mod 5) 
This takes place during module 5 of the level 3 Forest School Leader training course. 
Students will be assessed on the following: 
Tools - safe tool use on 4 hand tools 
Fire - safe fire lighting 
Knots - being able to teach 3 knots 
2) Delivery Assessment (Mod 6) 
This takes place during module 6 of the level 3 Forest School Leader training course. 
Students will be assessed leading one session of their 6-week Introductory Forest School Programme that they have planned. The Introductory FS Programme* should be run on an outdoor site, preferably wooded and it is up to the student to choose the site.  
The Introductory FS Programme should be for a small group of children, who attend all of the 6-week sessions. The Introductory FS Pogramme should be led by the student (trainee FS leader) and needs to be assisted by at least one other competent adult (could be another memeber of staff, TA, volunteer helper/parent. 
The sessions should be at least 1.5 hours in length. 
Students need to ensure that they have adequate insurance in place before running their Introductory FS Programme, as well as having an appropriate First Aid qualification in place beforehand. 
The 6-week Introductory FS Programme planning - this should show the main focus for the sessions (eg improving communications or promoting social development) and the session evaluation, which is often written up on the session plan itself, should show the incorporation of the outcome of the previous sessions and any amendments to planning to suit the needs of the children attending the Introductory FS Programme. They can be hand written but need to be legible. 
The delivery assessment takes place during the dates allocated for Module 6. Normally the assessed session is session number 5. During the delivery assessment students will need to show the following paperwork to the assessor. Please note the assessor is not marking the paperwork, they are just looking through it and may make recommendations. 
Health and Safety Handbook - this should be written by the student for the 6-week introductory FS Programme. It should conform to school policies and procedures, however it will not consist of their generic policies/procedures. 
Risk Assessments - for site, for activities and for dailies for all 6 sessions. These should be in pen and signed. 
Insurance - letter or certificate copy 
CRB - for the student (not the assisting staff). 
First Aid - certificate copy, suitable for working with children and preferably the Outdoor First Aid certificate for Forest School 
Session plans - the over plan for the Introductory Programme plus the individual session plans for all 6-weeks. Session plans need to show how the student has incorporated the outcomes from the evaluations (based on observed children's needs) into their subsequent session plans. 
Emergency bag - this must be suited to the site and nature of the 6-week Introductory FS Programme 
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