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Accredited UK Forest School Training 
Modular Course Workbooks  
The modular course is made up of 6 modules. 
Students doing level 1 FS training will do just module 1.  
Level 1 students will then need to visit a FS and complete the witness statement to be certificated. 
Students doing the level 2 Assistants training will do modules 1 & 2.  
Level 2 students will then need to assist a FS leader on 3 sessions and complete three extra pieces of work detailed below (Final coursework for level 2) 
Students doing the level 3 FS Leader training will do all 6 modules.  
Module 1 -  
There is just one workbook for module 1 
Module 2 -  
There are three workbooks to be completed: 
Module 3 -  
There are three workbooks to be completed: 
Module 4 - 
There are two workbooks to be completed: 
Module 5 - Practical Skills Assessment 
You will be assessed on your competence with knots, safe use of tools and firecraft. 
Knots - teach how to tie 3 knots and know heir uses and limitations 
Tools - know how to do a safety check, maint and safely use of 3 tools 
Firecraft - be able to safely light, manage and extinguish a 5-minute fire  
Module 6 - Delivery Assessment 
You will need to plan and run a 6-week Introductory Forest School programme with a small group of children. During the 5th or 6th session of the 6-week Introductory FS Programme, you will be assessed on your leadership skills. The assessor will request to see the following documentation and equipment: 
Safe Practice Handbook  
Risk assessments (Site, Activity and Daily (all 6) 
Emergency Bag 
Coursework Portfolio for Level 3 students 
All of the above coursework (workbooks and assessments) will need to be put into a coursework portfolio and sent in for final marking. 
Final Coursework For Level 1 Students who are completing the Introduction to Forest School award  
You will need to complete the coursework for module 1 and the following final coursework: 
Final Coursework For Level 2 Students who are completing the level 2 FS Assistants award  
You will need to complete the coursework for modules 1 & 2 and the following final coursework; 
For Level 2/3 Top-Up students - Final coursework for Level 3 
You will need to send in your level 2 coursework portfolio, together with your coursework for modules 3,4,5 & 6. 
There are two additional questions as final coursework which you will have to complete (as this is not covered in your level 2 coursework) and send in with the rest of your coursework. 
Marking of Coursework Portfolio and Certification 
Once you have attended all of the modules required for the level of training you completing, please send in your coursework for all of the modules for final marking and moderation.  
Please send in all of your coursework in a folder. Please avoid using polly pockets. 
We do not need to see photos of children or artwork. We just need to see the answers to all of the coursework for all the modules to the level of training you are completing. 
The tutor will mark the coursework and check that all the coursework is fully complete and up to the required standard. If your coursework is not up to standard the tutor will ask you for further additions to be submitted by a set deadline. Students may submit up to 2 lots of additions per module. Once all the coursework is up to standard and fully complete your coursework portfolio will be put forward for moderation. 
The Moderator will verify your full coursework portfolio and if satisfied that it meets the criteria for the level 3 will then be able to award you with the qualification. Only after this point we, FSTC, apply for your certificate. 
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