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Accredited UK Forest School Training 
Booking Form Level 3  
Forest School Leader Training  
Thank you for your interest in training with us to become a Forest School Leader. Before making your booking we strongly recommend that you research the forest School philosophy and understand the approach to ensure it fits with your current situation. There are numerous different types of Outdoor Learning of which Forest School is just one. Before making your booking we recommend the following: 
Making a visit to an existing Forest School programme & talking to trained Forest School Leaders 
Reading about the Forest School Principles and common misconceptions about it 
Watch the Video below explaining about the ethos. 
To undertake the Level 3 course you are required to have the following: 
Be at least 21 years old 
At least 2 years experience of leading groups &/or a minimum of a level 2 qualification in a relevant topic (education, youth work, playwork, psychology) 
A current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check 
Appropriate 1st Aid training (a minimum of 16 hour, outdoor 1st aid appropriate for the age group you are working with) - this is needed before you start your introductory Forest School programme.  
Access to a group (this can be any age group) and a natural space to run the introductory Forest School programme at. This happens after the training modules so there is time during the course to make arrangements. 
Please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions and contact us if you have any questions before making your booking. 
Which Course Are You Booking On? 
The course code is detailed on the training page (all caps) 
If you are choosing the Top-Up course, please give details of where 
you have trained at level 2 and also the date of your level 2 certificate. We will need to see a copy of the certificate and your coursework before starting on the level 3 training. 
About You 
This is the name we will register you with the awarding body as. Please write your name how you wish it to appear on your certificate. 
Please use an email address which you check regularly as the majority of communicaton on the course is via email.  
By the nature of the course, some of the training involves being active outside in a woodland environment. Please highlight below any medical needs, allergies, surgery etc that you feel the course leaders need to be aware of.  
By the nature of the course being a level 3 qualification, there is a large amount of self directed learning time involved. This will include reading about and researching topics, undertaking various assignments, practicing skills etc. Please make us aware below of any learning needs that you think the course leaders need to be aware of. 
Optional Information Requested by the Awarding Body 
The following section is optional. OCNWMR (the awarding body) use this data for monitoring purposes. Please leave it blank if you do not wish to participate in this. 
Please indicate whether you give your consent to the following aspects of the course. 
I give permission for my email address to be shared with other people attending the course for the purpose of networking, communication, lift sharing etc. 
I give permission for photographs to be taken of me for the duration of the course. I understand that that these photographs will be used during training and shared with the attendees, but could also appear in documents and websites, including publicity.  
I give permission for my email address to be signed up to an E-Newsletter which contains information about Forest School, Outdoor Learning, Bushcraft etc 
Declaration by Applicant 
Please read the following carefully, as by booking a place on the course you are agreeing to these terms. 
1. I have read the course literature and understand the nature and expectations of the training course, including the number hours of work (this is estimated as 180 hours if you are coming from a situation where Forest School is already running, if you are the first person in your organisation to train as a Forest School Leader this will require more hours to establish the Forest School programme). 
2. I will attend all course elements (as outlined on the course flier) and fully complete the training according to the course timetable (barring unexpected circumstances). I will commit the time to complete the coursework elements of the training, in my own time if necessary. 
3. I have read FSTC's terms and conditions, and understand that the course fees are non-refundable once the course has started. 
4. I will ensure that appropriate insurance, safeguarding, first aid & other health and safety requirements will be in place before starting my Forest School programme. 
5. I know of no medical reason why I should not participate in any of the training activities listed in the course information, including: use of tools, shelter building, team games, firelighting, campfire cooking, woodland conservation tasks, green woodwork & tree climbing. 
6. I will ensure I have a pair of safety boots to wear for practical activities in Module 3, 4 & 5.  
7. I understand that if my introductory Forest School Programme is outside of a 30 mile radius from the training venue, this will inccur an additional charge for the delivery assessment of £75 plus 45p per mile. 
8. I understand that the training contract is with myself, even if another person or organisation is funding the training. If my workplace is funding my course fees I will ensure that the organisations management is aware of the course requirements and this declaration.  
Please write your name in the box below to state that you agree to these terms. 
Payment Information* 
Please provide information below for who to send an invoice to for the course fees.  
* If you are being funded by another person or organisation. Please ensure that you have shown the course information and the declaration above to your line manager so they understand the level of commitment, time & resources that are required to complete the course and understand that the qualification is awarded to yourself (as opposed to the school or organisation).  
Thank you for your booking - We will email confirmation to you within the next 7 days.  
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